Method DataObject():getNoIVar() Foundation

Handles access to instance variables.

:getNoIVar( <cName> ) -> xValue
The name of the instance variable. <cName> can be any string and does not need to conform to symbol/identifier naming rules.

Returns the value of the instance variable or NIL.


This method can be used to retrieve the value of an instance variable. If the instance variable name provided in <cName> is unknown to the DataObject, NIL is returned. This allows to check for the presence of a value in a dynamic instance variable simply by comparing against the value NIL. The string in <cName> does not need to conform to the naming rules defined for symbols/identifiers. Therefore, DataObjects can be used as dictionary objects for arbitrary values.

The function IsMemberVar() and the method :classDescribe() can be used to determine if a specific member is defined in a DataObject. This works irrespective of whether the member was added dynamically, or was defined statically in a class derived from DataObject.


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