Method WMLCard():selectStart() Professional

Mark the begin of a selection list.

:selectStart( [<cName>]      , ;
              [<cValue>]     , ;
              [<lMultiple>]  , ;
              [<cOptions>] ) --> self
The parameter <cName> becomes the value of the name attribute.
The parameter <cValue> becomes the value of the value attribute.
If <lMultiple> if .T. (true) the value of the attribute multible becomes "true", otherwise the value becomes "false".
The parameter <cOptions> is a character string that is inserted into the WML <select> tag.

This method returns the object executing the method (self).


The method begins the definition of a selection list. Individual items of the list must then be defined with :selectOption()

WML output:

<select [name="cName"] [value="cValue"] [multiple="true"] [cOptions]> 


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