Function SetBlink() Foundation

Activates or deactivates the Blink attribute for colors in full screen text mode

SetBlink( [<lOnOff>] ) --> lOldSetting
The optional parameter <lOnOff> is a logical value. If used, .T. (true) activates and .F. (false) deactivates the Blink attribute (*). If deactivated, the attribute is treated like the attribute for bright colors (+).

The function returns the setting that was current before the call to SetBlink().


Since Xbase++ applications can run in character mode as well as in graphic mode, the Blink attribute is supported only if an Xbase++ application runs in full screen character mode. Otherwise it would degrade processing speed. When an application runs in a text mode window, the Blink attribute (*) is ignored and treated like the color attribute for a bright color (+).

This function has no effect under Windows. The Blink attribute is not supported and always treated like the color attribute for a bright color.


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