Function RandomKey() Foundation

Calculates a random character string

RandomKey( <nLen> ) --> cKey
The parameter <nLen> determines the length of the character string returned.

The function returns a character string of the length that is determined by the parameter. This character string may include all characters ranging from Chr(0) to Chr(255).


The function RandomKey() produces a character string of random values. The length is determined by the parameter nLen. If available, the function hereby uses the Cryptoprovider of the operating system which delivers the maximum entropy available.

A cryptoprovider is available on Windows XP / Windows 2003 and higher.

RandomKey() follows strict cryptographic standards. However, it is slower than the function RandomInt() .

Fill a CRT with random RGB values per pixel
 // This sample requires the program to be linked as GUI application. 
 // (linker switch /PM:PM or GUI=yes in the project file). 
   LOCAL oBmp, nXS, nYS 
   LOCAL aSize, cBuff 
   LOCAL cHeader 

   aSize := SetAppWindow():currentSize() 
   nXS := Int( aSize[1] ) 
   nYS := Int( aSize[2] ) 

   // Create Bitmap 24 Bit color depth 
   oBmp := XbpBitmap():new():create() 
   oBmp:make(nXS, nYS, , 24) 

   // Cut Bitmap Header 
   cHeader := SubStr(oBmp:setBuffer(), 1, oBmp:bufferOffset ) 

   // Append the header with 3 Byte per pixel. 
   // This is a random RGB value for each pixel 
   cBuff := cHeader + RandomKey( nXS*nYS*3 ) 

   // Set the buffer and paint 
   oBmp:setBuffer( cBuff ) 
   oBmp:draw(, {0,0,nXS,nYS}) 


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