Function OrdSetCustom() Foundation

Transforms an existing order to a custom order for manual key manipulation

OrdSetCustom([lSet]) -> lCustom
<lSet> is a logical expression specifying whether the index is to made a custom index (.T.) or an regular maintained index (.F.)

OrdSetCustom() returns .T. (true) if the active index is a custom index. If the active index of the current workarea is automatically maintained OrdSetCustom() returns .F. (false)


With regular indexes the Xbase++ runtime ensures that all indexes are maintained implicit. Using OrdSetCustom(.T.) an index is mark custom which disables the implicit maintenance of index keys. Instead index keys have to be explicit added using OrdKeyAdd() or removed using OrdKeyRemove() from the index.

OrdSetCustom(.T.) should be used if an existing index with index keys already stored has to become an custom index. This way a snapshot can be created. Custom indexes can be used to manage picklists without having the overhead of an additional dbf table with a index file. OrdSetCustom(.F.) does transform an custom index back to an regular index which then is again automatically maintained by the Xbase++ runtime.


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