Functions and Directives

Function OrdKeyRemove() Foundation

Manually remove key value from a custom order

OrdKeyRemove([<cTagName>|<nIndex>]) -> lSuccess
<cTagName> is a character string specifying the tag name of the index whose key-value has to be removed from the custom oder.
<nIndex> is a positive integer specifying the ordinal position within the work area of the index whose key-value has to be removed from the custom order.

The return value of OrdKeyRemove() is .T. (true) if the key values has been succesfully removed from the index. Otherwise it is .F. (false).


The function OrdKeyRemove() removes a key value from a custom index. A custom index is an index which is not automatically maintained by the Xbase++ runtime. Instead key values have to be explicit added and/or removed. To explicit add key values to a custom index OrdKeyAdd() must be used.

OrdKeyRemove() evaluates the index expression to calculate the key-value, it then removes the key value for the current record from the index.


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