Function OrdIsCandidate() Foundation

Checks if an order is an candidate order

OrdIsCandidate([<cTagName>|<nIndex>]) -> lCandidate
<cTagName> is a character string specifying the tag name of the index whose state <lCandidate> is to be returned.
<nIndex> is a positive integer specifying the ordinal position within the work area of the index whose state <lCandidate> is to be returned.

The return value is .T. (true) when the order is created as a candidate order, otherwise it is .F. (false). If no index file is open, the function returns F. (false). If no value is specified for <nIndex> or <cTagName> , the state of the controlling index is returned.


The function OrdIsCandidate() is used to check if an index is created with the CANDIDATE option of the INDEX command. Candidate indexes are true unique orders, in such a way that any violation on the unique constraint (candidate) raises an runtime error.


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