Function MaxRow() Foundation

Determines the maximum (bottom) visible screen row on screen or in a window.

MaxRow() --> nMaxRow

MaxRow() returns an integer numeric value which is the position of the bottom visible row on the screen or in a window.


The screen function MaxRow() determines the maximum number of visible rows in which characters are output on the screen or in a window. The numbering of rows begins with zero and ends with MaxRow().

// The function MySetMode() uses MaxRow() and MaxCol() to save 
// the previous size when switching the video mode. 

FUNCTION MySetMode( aRowCol ) // aRowCol is an array with 
                              // two elements: { nMaxRow, nMaxCol } 
   LOCAL aOldSize := { MaxRow()+1, MaxCol()+1 } 

   IF .NOT. aRowCol == NIL 
      SetMode( aRowCol[1], aRowCol[2] ) 

RETURN aOldSize 


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