Function Json2Var() Foundation

Converts JSON text to a value of the corresponding data type.

Json2Var( <cJson> ) -> aoData
<cJson> is a character string with JSON text encoded as UTF-8.

The value specified in the JSON text as an array or object.


The function Json2Var() converts a value specified in JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) text to its corresponding Xbase++ data type. If <cJson> cannot be converted, a runtime error is raised.

JSON is a lightweight data exchange format. It is easy for people to read and write and is based on a subset of the JavaScript programming language. JSON is a text format that is completely programming language independent. These features make JSON an ideal data exchange language for web applications.

JSON is based on two structures:

- A collection of name/value pairs. In Xbase++, this is represented by an instance of the class DataObject.

- An ordered list of values. In Xbase++, this is represented as an array.

The string in <cJson> must be UTF-8 encoded. Passing an UTF-16 or UTF-32 encoded string to Json2Var() yields a runtime error.


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