Function Bin2QP() Foundation

Transforms the passed string to a "quoted-printable" encoded string.

Bin2QP( <cString>, [<nLineLen>] ) --> cEncodedString
This is the string which shall be encoded.
<nLineLen> is a positive integer value specifying the maximum line length of cEncodedString. The default value is 0 in which case the line length is unrestricted and no soft line breaks ("="+CRLF) are inserted into the returned string.

This is the encoded string.


The function Bin2QP() encodes the characters in <cString> according to the "quoted-printable" algorithm. The return value of the function Bin2QP()contains only human-readable characters and is suitable for reliably transporting strings over channels that only support text content.

If the encoded string must comply with the MIME content transfer encoding standard, pass the numeric value 72 in the parameter <nLineLen>.


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