Function Bin2f() Foundation

Converts a 64 bit IEEE floating point number to a numeric value.

Bin2f( <cFloat64> ) --> nNumeric
<cFloat64> is a character string whose first eight bytes (characters) are converted to a 64 bit IEEE floating point number.

The conversion function Bin2f() returns a numeric value.


Bin2f() converts binary numbers within character strings to their numeric values. The counterpart of Bin2f() is the function F2bin() which converts a floating point number to an eight byte character string.

The value range of Bin2f() or F2bin() is that for a numerical value. Since the number of decimal places is not stored by F2Bin(), Bin2f() uses the current setting of SET DECIMALS for this. Similar conversion functions are Bin2i(), Bin2l() and Bin2w().

Bin2f() can be used in connection with DllCall() and low level API functions which require a 64 bit floating point number as a parameter.

// Bin2f() is used just like Bin2L(). The difference 
// lies only in the value range. 

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