Functions and Directives

Function XMLDocOpenFile() Professional

Open an XML document.

XMLDocOpenFile( <cXMLFileName>, [<nErrHandle>] ) --> nDocHandle
Name of an XML file to be parsed.
Pass a variable by reference which receives an error handle if errors were recorded.

Returns a non-zero numeric handle for the document, or 0 if there are not enough system resources for the parser, or when the file cannot be opened, read or parsed. The handle returned by this function must be used in subsequent calls to other XMLDoc..() functions.

If the function returns 0, more information can be obtained by calling XMLDocGetErrorList(,<nErrHandle>).


XMLDocOpenFile() opens a new XML document. It allocates system resources for the parser, opens and reads the file and parses it contents. While parsing a document, a tree is build by the parsing engine.


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