Functions and Directives

Function XMLDocGetErrorList() Professional

Get array of error descriptions.

XMLDocGetErrorList( [<nDocHandle>], [<nErrHandle>] ) --> aErrorInfo|NIL
Numeric handle of an XML document. Use this handle if a valid document handle was returned by an doc open function.
Numeric error handle returned XMLOpenDocFile() or XMLOpenDocString(). Use this handle to retrieve errors produced by an open function, where an invalid document handle was returned.

Returns a two-dimensional array holding error information, or NIL if no error occurred.


This function is used to obtain information about errors that may occur during the processing of XML documents. The returned array has five columns which can be accessed using #define constants listed in ASXML.CH.

Constants for the error information array
Constant Description
XML_ERROR_ID Numeric error ID equivalent to XMLDOC_ERROR_* constants
XML_ERROR_FILE Name of the file where the error ocurred
XML_ERROR_LINE Line number in the file
XML_ERROR_COLUMN Column number in the line
XML_ERROR_ADDINFO Additional information or NIL, if not available

If both handles were passed, the document handle will be tried first. If it is invalid, the error handle will be used.


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