Function PreprocessorInstall() Professional

Installs the PreProcessor

PreProcessorInstall( [<cStdchFileName>] ) --> nErrNum
<cStdchFileName> determines the initial command file like ''. All directories listed in the SET INCLUDE= environment variable are searched. If not passed no command file is used.

The return value of PreprocessorInstall() is is a numerical value indicating the success or error of the function. If no error occured, the returned value is XPP_ERR_NONE. Error numbers are defined in To retrieve the error message, use PPGetMessage().


The function PreprocessorInstall() must be called before any other function of the PreProcessor-API can be called. The passed parameter is the name of a command file (ch-file) including default commands, translates or defines. A typical command file is There is only one PreProcessor-API active at the same time for one application process, but it can be used shared among different threads.


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