Function SocketGetServByName() Professional

Retrieves internet service information from a service name and protocol.

SocketGetServByName( <cServiceName>  , ;
                     [<cProtocolName>] ) --> aServiceInfo|NIL
A character string containing the name of the internet service.
A character string containing the name of a protocol. If this parameter is omitted, information of the first internet service is returned where <cServiceName> matches the name of the service or one of its alias names.

The function returns an array containing service information, or NIL on failure. The following #define constants are available in the file SOCKET.CH to access the individual elements of the service array:

Constants for the service array
Constant Description
SERVINFO_ALIAS One-dimensional array holding character strings with the alias names of a service.
SERVINFO_CNAME The service name as character string
SERVINFO_CPROT The name of the underlying protocol used for the service.
SERVINFO_NPORT The port number at which the service is available in network byte order.


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