Functions and Directives

Function SetLoadFromUrlIdentification() Professional

Set the identification string used by the function LoadFromUrl.

SetLoadFromUrlIdentification( [<cNewId>] ) --> cOldId
The identification used when loading a web page with the function LoadFromUrl().

The function returns the character string used to identify the client when a web page is loaded with the function LoadFromUrl(). If a new identification was set with the parameter <cNewId> the function returns the old identification.


When a connection is established to a web server with the function LoadFromUrl() then the client is sending an identification string. This way the web server is able to negotiate the client's capabilities.

In normal case the identification string is used by the web server to return a web page that can be seamlessly rendered by the client. If the web server can not deliver a web page then a notification may be returned that no suitable web page is available.

The function SetLoadFromUrlIdentification() can be used to masquerade the web request and thus mimic any client.

By default following identification string is used:



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