Directive #page directive Foundation

Controls page behaviour

<%#page layout=<filename> 
        inherits=<baseclass> %>

Using the #page directive, the behavior of a page can be customized. The table below shows the available page token/value pairs.

page tokens
Token Description
layout Defines the layout master file for this page
trace Enables/disables tracing output created via the :Trace() method. The output is written to a log file located in the folder %programdata%\alaska software\logfiles\cxp20.
implements Allows changing the name of the page class. By default, the class name is derived from the filename of the cxp page.
inherits Allows overriding the base class of the page class. By default, CxpAbstractPage is used.

See the chapter Layout Managementfor an in-depth discussion of the "layout" token.


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