Functions and Directives

Function AX_Encrypt() Professional

Encryption of a string.

AX_Encrypt( <cString> [, <cPassword>] ) --> cDecrypted
The parameter <cString> contains that string to be encrypted.
The optional parameter <cPassword> may contain the password to be used for encryption. If the parameter is omitted, the encryption is based on the password set by a prior call of the AX_SetPass() function.

This function returns the encrypted character string.


The function AX_Encrypt() encrypts a string using the password set with the AX_SetPass() function (or its command opponent). If the optional parameter <cPassword> is used, the encryption is based on the value of this parameter.

If <cString> does not contain a character string, the value of <cString> is returned unchanged.

   LOCAL cString, cPassword, cEncryt 

   cString   := "The fall of Hyperion"          // String to be encrypted 
   cPassWord := "Shrike"                        // Password 
   cEncrypt  := AX_Encrypt( cString, cPassWord) // Encryption of string 

   ? cEncrypt 

   cString := AX_Decrypt( cEncrypt, cPassword ) // Decryption of string 
   ? cString 

   AX_SetPass( "Kassad" )              // Set password for workarea 

   cEncrypt := AX_Encrypt( cString )   // Encrypt using workarea's password 
   ? cEncrypt 

   cString := AX_Decrypt( cEncrypt )   // Decrypt using workarea's password 
   ? cString 

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