Command SET WRAP Foundation

Sets whether wrapping of the highlight occurs in menus.

SET WRAP on | OFF | <lToggle>
<lToggle> is a logical expression which must appear in parentheses. Instead of the logical expression, the option ON can be specified for the value .T. (true) or OFF for the value .F. (false). When .T. or ON is specified, the highlight can wrap during execution of the command MENU TO. Otherwise, it cannot wrap.

The dialog command SET WRAP determines whether the highlight jumps from the last menu entry directly to the first (and the reverse) during the execution of a menu created with @...PROMPT and activated with the command MENU TO. When SET WRAP is set to ON and the highlight appears on the last menu item, the highlight skips to the first menu item if the Right Arrow or Down Arrow key is pressed. If the highlight appears on the first menu item, the highlight skips to the last menu item if the keys Left Arrow or Up Arrow are pressed. This behavior is ended with SET WRAP OFF.


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