Command SET INTENSITY Foundation

Determines whether highlight color is used for input with GET and PROMPT.

SET INTENSITY ON | off | <lToggle>
<lToggle> is a logical expression which must appear in parentheses. Instead of the logical expression, the option ON can be specified for the value .T. (true) or OFF for the value .F. (false). When .T. or ON is specified (the default setting), the current GET entry field or the current menu item of the menu items defined using @...PROMPT is displayed in the highlighted color. Otherwise, all entry fields and menu items are output in the default color.

The command SET INTENSITY switches between the default and highlighted colors of the system colors defined with SetColor() for the input area of @...GET and for the menu items of @...PROMPT (the first and second color value of the list).

When INTENSITY is set to OFF, output with @...GET appears in the default color. When INTENSITY is set to ON, the GET entry fields are displayed in the highlight color.

The menu items defined with @...PROMPT are always displayed in the default color with INTENSITY OFF. During the MENU TO command, the cursor is turned on to show which menu item is current. When SET INTENSITY is ON, the current menu item is shown by the highlight color and the cursor is turned off during MENU TO.


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