Command NOTE Foundation

Identifies a comment line in the source code.

NOTE [<Comment>]
<Comment> is any one line of text in the source code. It will be ignored by the compiler.

NOTE identifies a line in the program source code as a comment and indicates that it should not be compiled. This command exists only for compatibility reasons. A comment line should be identified with an asterisk (*) at the beginning of the line instead of using NOTE.

Comments that are longer than one line are excluded from compilation using the character pairs /* (begin comment) and */ (end comment). Inline comments can be identified by the characters // or &&.

Comment lines in source code

// The example shows the various ways a comment can be 
// included in source code 


   NOTE This one line comment is not recommended 

   * This one line comment is recommended 

      This is a comment 
      of more than one 

   * This is a multiple line   * 
   * comment from several      * 
   * one line comments         * 

   ? Date()       // This is an inline comment 
   ? Time()       && This is also an inline comment 


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