Command DELETE TAG Foundation

Removes an index from a compound index file

DELETE TAG <cTagName> [OF <cIndexFile>] [, <cTagName> [OF <cIndexFile>]]
DELETE TAG <cTagName> [IN <cIndexFile>] [, <cTagName> [IN <cIndexFile>]]
<cTagName> is a comma separated list which contains the names of the indexes to be deleted from an index file. The index names can be specified as literal or as character expressions in parentheses.
<cIndexFile> determines the name of the index file containing the index created. The file name can be specified as a literal or as a character expression in parentheses. If the file name is specified without a file extension, the default file extension for index files is used. This depends on the database engine (DBE) managing the index files in the work area.

The index command DELETE TAG deletes the index(es) <cTagName> from the index file containing several indexes. If the current workarea has multiple index files open a specific <cIndexFile> can be selected with the OF|IN option clause.

A database engine (DBE) that can support multiple indexes is required to manage several indexes within a single index file. If the current DBE does not support multiple indices, a recoverable runtime error occurs.


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