Command @... single-line code Foundation

Defines a single line of code


Using the @ command declares the entire line as code. The line continuation character (;) can be used to break a single statement into multiple lines. The @ command allows writing code without the open/close markers normally required to identify code sections (<%...%>). In sections containing alternating lines of Xbase++ code and HTML markup, using the @ command increases readability and avoids unnecessary noise. This is demonstrated in the code fragment below. Please note that it is not allowed to have multiple @ commands in the same line.

@IF x > 10 
<h1>x is larger than 10</h1> 
<h1>x is smaller or equal to 10</h1> 

<h1>Product list</h1> 
@FOR n := 1 TO Len(aProducts) 
@NEXT n 


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