Linker warnings and error messages Foundation

This section contains a list of all warnings and error messages issued by the linker (ALINK.EXE). All messages are identified by a code starting with the abbreviation ALK which is followed by a four digit number. Linker messages are divided into two categories: Warning (1000-1999) and Error (>2000).

ALINK messages for warnings
Error code Message
ALK1001 ignoring unrecognized option "<opt>"
ALINK is invoked with an unknown option.
Call ALINK /? to list all supported linker options
ALK1011 invalid /BASE address <number> (must be multiple of 64k);
assumed <default>
If an illegal base addres is specified, the linker uses a
default value.
ALK1100 unknown subsystem <name>; assumed default
An unrecognized value is specified for the /PMTYPE or
/SUBSYSTEM option. Refer to the ALINK documentation for
valid values.
ALK1101 invalid version <number>; default version assumed
An invalid version number for the operating system is
specified with the /PMTYPE or /SUBSYSTEM option.
ALK1105 <file> already specified;
ignoring additional resource file <name>
ALINK links only one resource file to an executable.
Use ARC.EXE to create one RES file from multiple ARC files.
ALK1106 file <name> has EXE extension but is linked with option /DLL
Do not use /DLL for linking EXE files.
ALK1107 file <name> has DLL extension but is linked without /DLL option
DLL files must be linked with the /DLL option.

ALINK messages for errors
Error code Message
ALK2101 no argument specified with option <name>
A linker option is used without a required argument.
Refer to the ALINK documentation for valid syntax.
ALK2102 unresolved external symbol <name>
The linker has detected an undeclared symbol for a
function or procedure. Declare the missing function or use
the /FORCE option to force ALINK to produce an output file.
ALK4000 Out of memory!
There is not sufficient memory to complete the link process.
Try to increase the virtual memory of the operating system,
check if there is sufficient disk space and close all
memory consuming applications. If this does not cure the problem,
split your project into smaller OBJ modules and/or several,
DLL files. If the problem prevails, contact Alaska Support.
ALK4001 cannot open file "<name>"
The linker cannot open the specified file. Either the file
does not exist or it is locked by another program.
ALK4002 invalid or corrupt file "<name>"
The specified input file is not valid for ALINK. Make sure
to link only 32-bit LIB files, 32-bit OBJ files in COFF format,
or EXP files or RES files.
ALK4004 no object files specified
ALINK is invoked without an OBJ file. There must be at least
one OBJ file.
ALK4005 <symbol> already defined in <file>
A symbol is defined already in another input file.
ALK4100 invalid number specified with option <option>
An illegal value is specified for a linker option.
Refer to the ALINK documentation for valid values.
ALK4102 <count> external symbols unresolved
ALINK has found a number of <count> undeclared symbols.
Correct the PRG code or use the /FORCE option.


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