Error codes of the Xbase++ runtime system Foundation

This section gives an overview of all constants used to identify error codes of the Xbase++ runtime system. They are defined in the file ERROR.CH.

Constants for generic errors (-> oError:genCode )
Value Constant Error
0 XPP_ERR_NONE No error
1 XPP_ERR_ARG_VALUE Parameter has a wrong value
2 XPP_ERR_ARG_TYPE Parameter has a wrong data type
3 XPP_ERR_ARG_COUNT Missing parameter in function or method call
4 XPP_ERR_ARRAY_BOUNDS Error in array index
10 XPP_ERR_NUMOVERFLOW Numeric overflow (number is too large
or too small)
11 XPP_ERR_ZERODIV Division by zero
12 XPP_ERR_NUMERR Invalid numeric value (e.g. 3 % 0 or
float number is too large for array index)
15 XPP_ERR_MEMORY_FULL Not enough memory or swapping
space available
16 XPP_ERR_STACK_OVERFLOW Stack overflow (e.g. with recursive
calls. The stack can be dimensioned
during linking with Link386).
20 XPP_ERR_SYNTAX Syntax error in macro expression
21 XPP_ERR_NOFUNC Function is not declared
22 XPP_ERR_NOVAR Unknown variable. A variable name
identifies neither a PRIVATE nor
a PUBLIC variable
23 XPP_ERR_NOMETHOD Object has no method with this name
24 XPP_ERR_METHOD_DEF Error in the METHOD..IS definition for a
method: the message identifier is already
used for another method and is not allowed
for this method
25 XPP_ERR_METHOD_ACCESS Access to method is not allowed in this
context (e.g. if a method is not declared
as EXPORTED: it cannot be called within
functions but only within methods).
26 XPP_ERR_NOMEMBERVAR Object has no member variable with this name
27 XPP_ERR_VAR_DEF Error in the VAR..IS definition for a
member variable: the message identifier is
already used for another member variable
or class name and is not allowed for this
member variable
28 XPP_ERR_MEMBERVAR_ACCESS Access to member variable is not allowed
in this context.
29 XPP_ERR_MEMBERVAR_TYPE Wrong data type for member variable
30 XPP_ERR_INSTANCE_METHOD Access to instance method
not allowed in class object
31 XPP_ERR_INSTANCE_VAR Access to instance variable
not allowed in class object
32 XPP_ERR_CLASS_SYNTAX Syntax error within class declaration
33 XPP_ERR_CLASS_INSTANCE no instances allowed for this class: class
contains DEFERRED methods or is destroyed
34 XPP_ERR_CLASS_CONFLICT Class is already defined
35 XPP_ERR_METHOD_DEFERRED Call of not implemented DEFERRED method
36 XPP_ERR_METHOD_FINAL Method is FINAL and may not be overloaded
37 XPP_ERR_CLASS_UNKNOWN Class is not defined
40 XPP_ERR_DOS Operating system error: this only occurs
if the error cannot be identified
41 XPP_ERR_CORRUPTION Internal data structures corrupted
(an unexpected OS error occured)
42 XPP_ERR_LOAD_VERSION XPF file has invalid version number
43 XPP_ERR_SAVE_UNSUPPORTED Attempt to save non persistent data
Data which cannot be made persistent
are attempted to be saved via SAVE TO
or Var2Bin()
50 XPP_ERR_DMLB_NOINIT DMLB sub-system is not initialized
51 XPP_ERR_DMLB_FRAMEWORK Generic error in DMLB framework
52 XPP_ERR_DBE_DLLNAME Invalid DLL name for DBE (e.g. the
file does not exist or does not have
the .DLL extension)
53 XPP_ERR_DBE_BUILDNAMEUSED DBE build name already in use
54 XPP_ERR_DBE_BUILD DBE build error
55 XPP_ERR_DBE_COMPONENT DBE component is defect
56 XPP_ERR_DBE_INIT DBE initialization failed
57 XPP_ERR_DBE_UNINIT DBE deinitialization failed
58 XPP_ERR_DBE_UNSUPPORTED Operation is not supported by DBE
59 XPP_ERR_DBE_INTERN DBE private/specific error (error is
caused by the DBE producer)
60 XPP_ERR_DBE_NODEFAULT No default DBE available/defined
61 XPP_ERR_NODBE Invalid DBE name (DBE is not loaded
or compound DBE is not built)
62 XPP_ERR_DATATYPE Invalid data type for database field
63 XPP_ERR_DATAWIDTH Length of database field was exceeded
64 XPP_ERR_KEYWIDTH Invalid length of index key
(the NTXDBE supports max 256 characters)
65 XPP_ERR_NOFIELD Unknown symbol for database field
66 XPP_ERR_NOALIAS Unknown symbol for alias
67 XPP_ERR_DUPNAME Symbol is already in use
68 XPP_ERR_NOTABLE No table available/no database open
69 XPP_ERR_NOORDER No order available/no index open
70 XPP_ERR_CREATE File cannot be created
71 XPP_ERR_OPEN File cannot be opened
72 XPP_ERR_CLOSE Error while closing a file
73 XPP_ERR_READ Error while reading a file
74 XPP_ERR_WRITE Error while writing to a file
75 XPP_ERR_EXCL_REQUIRED Operation requires a file to be
exclusively opened
76 XPP_ERR_LOCK_REQUIRED File lock is required for this operation
77 XPP_ERR_READONLY File is opened in read only mode
78 XPP_ERR_APPENDLOCK Auto lock error during APPEND BLANK
79 XPP_ERR_LOCK Record lock failed
80 XPP_ERR_LOSTUPDATES Lost Update error was detected by DMLB
(only in auto lock mode of a DBE)
90 XPP_ERR_WKS_OVERFLOW Workarea does not fit into workspace
100 XPP_ERR_THREAD_ID Operation is not allowed in this thread
(e.g. when a database is opened in
thread A it cannot be closed in thread B)
101 XPP_ERR_PRINT Error during printing or spooling
102 XPP_ERR_METHOD_NOT_IMPLEMENTED Method is not implemented/is unavailable
103 XPP_ERR_OBJECT_ACCESS The object being accessed is not registered
(Most probably the :init() method
has not been called).
104 XPP_ERR_OBJECT_STATE The object (XBP) is in the wrong state
to perform the operation (e.g. after :new()
only :create() may be called but not :destroy())
105 XPP_ERR_OBJECT_CREATION Error while creating an object (XBP)
(e.g. a non existing resource ID
was assigned to the iVar :caption )
130 XPP_ERR_ILLEGAL_MATRIX An invalid matrix was passed to a Gra..()
operation (The matrix must be created
using GraInitMatrix()).
133 XPP_ERR_WRONG_APPTYPE Application was not linked using /PM:PM-switch
The application was not linked with the
correct link switch
134 XPP_ERR_PRINTER_NA Printer is not installed or is unavailable
140 XPP_ERR_NOT_SUPPORTED Function is not supported
141 XPP_ERR_DYNAMIC_CALL Error with dynamic loaded function
142 XPP_ERR_MODULE_LOAD DLL couldn't be loaded
143 XPP_ERR_MODULE_VERSION DLL was created with an incompatible version
144 XPP_ERR_CALLING_CONVENTION unsupported calling convention
145 XPP_ERR_MODULE_STATIC DLL must be compiled with /dll:dynamic
Only valid for C-API:
333 XPP_ERR_BREAK Function was terminated by BREAK()
334 XPP_ERR_CONTYPE Container has the wrong type
335 XPP_ERR_READLOCKED Write lock is not allowed for this string
since a read lock has been set already
336 XPP_ERR_WRITELOCKED Read lock is not allowed for this string
since a write lock has been set already
337 XPP_ERR_LOCKLIMIT The limit for string locks has been reached
for this container
338 XPP_ERR_NOTLOCKED String container is not locked
339 XPP_ERR_INVALID_HANDLE Handle is invalid or not in the
correct state (locked/unlocked)


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