Constants for Database Engines Foundation

This section contains tables listing constants to set or get information about the configuration of Database Engines. They are defined in the files DMLB.CH and ???DBE.CH.

Universal constants for characteristics of database engines
Constant *) Data type Description
DBE_DATATYPES ro C Supported data types
DBE_EXTENSION a C Default file extension
DBE_MANUFACTURER ro C Producer of the DBE
DBE_NAME ro C Name of the DBE
DBE_VERSION ro C Version of the DBE

Universal constants for database objects (work areas)
Constant *) Data type Description
DBO_ALIAS ro C Alias name
DBO_FILENAME ro C Name of the open file
DBO_ORDERS ro N Number of orders (indexes)
DBO_RELATIONS ro N Number of relations
DBO_SHARED ro L .T. if the data is accessed
in SHARED mode
DBO_REMOTE ro L .T. if the data is stored
on a remote drive
DBO_SERVER ro L .T. if the data is managed
by a server
DBO_DBENAME ro L Name of the DatabaseEngine
managing this workarea

Universal constants for field variables in a work area
Constant *) Data type Description
FLD_LEN ro N Length of field
FLD_DEC ro N Number of decimal places
FLD_TYPE ro N Data type of field variable on
the Xbase++ language level
FLD_NATIVETYPE ro N Original data type of field
variable as defined in the DBE

Constants for data types (FieldInfo( FLD_TYPE ) return values)
Constant Description
XPP_CHARACTER Character value
XPP_DATE Date value
XPP_LOGICAL Logical value
XPP_MEMO Memo field
XPP_NUMERIC Numeric value
XPP_ARRAY Array *)
XPP_BLOCK Code block *)
XPP_DOUBLE Numeric value as double *)
XPP_ILLEGAL Invalid data type *)
XPP_OBJECT Object *)
XPP_UNDEF Undefined value (NIL) *)
  1. Return values with FieldInfo() are dependent on the DBE


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