Database Engines:odbc

Which data types are available on the server? Professional

The data types available on the server being supported by an Xbase++ application can be obtained from the DacSession object after a connection to the server is established. This is illustrated with the following code:

cConnect := "<... the connection string ...>" 

oSession := DacSession():new( cConnect ) 

aTypes   := oSession:setProperty( ODBCSSN_ODBC_TO_XPP ) 

ASort( aTypes,,, {|a1,a2| a1[1] < a2[1] } ) 

? "DBMS-type => DDL-type" 
AEval( aTypes, {|a| QOut( a[1], "=>", a[2] ) } ) 

The :setProperty() method returns a two-column array when it receives as parameter the #define constant ODBCSSN_ODBC_TO_XPP contained in ODBCDBE.CH. The array contains in its first column the DBMS-types, as they are exposed by the server, and the second column contains the corresponding DDL-types (refer to Data type mapping for an explanation of DDL-types and DBMS-types).

An example output of the code is shown below. It was created after connecting to MS SQL Server:

DBMS-type => DDL-type 

binary => X 
bit => L 
char => C 
datetime => D 
decimal => N 
float => F 
image => V 
int => I 
nchar => W 
ntext => Q 
numeric => N 
nvarchar => Q 
real => F 
smallint => N 
text => M 
tinyint => N 
uniqueidentifier => C 
varbinary => V 
varchar => M 

A character string containing all DDL-types applicable for a server can be retrieved from a DacSession object in the following way:

? oSession:setProperty( ODBCSSN_DATATYPES  )  // result: CNLDMIFXVWQ 


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