Database Engines:odbc

Header and library files Professional

The #include file ODBCDBE.CH contains #define constants to be used for DbeInfo(), DbInfo() and DacSession:setProperty().

The #include file SQLCMD.CH contains the command layer for the ODBCDBE. See the Technical Reference for further details. If the SQLCMD.CH is included, the linker will link ODBCUT10.LIB to an application as it is required to run the commands.

The ErrorSys() and AppExit() which are part of XppRt0.lib are already aware of the needs of the ODBCDBE. It is required to explicitly load the ODBCDBE since there is no ready-to-link DbeSys() that loads the ODBCDBE. However, the source code of a modified DBESYS can be found in the samples directory.


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