Database Engines:odbc

Configuration using DbeInfo() Professional

Constants listed in the following table are available to configure the data component of the ODBCDBE using DbeInfo(COMPONENT_DATA, <constant>, [<value>]) or DbeInfo(COMPONENT_DICTIONARY, <constant>, [<value>]), respectively. They are listed in ODBCDBE.CH

Constants for DbeInfo(COMPONENT_DATA) with the ODBCDBE
Constant *) Type Description
ODBCDBE_DATASOURCES ro A Available ODBC data sources.
ODBCDBE_DRIVERS ro A Available ODBC drivers.
ODBCDBE_GET_TRIAL_SERVER ro A Obtain names of available servers.
ODBCDBE_SET_TRIAL_SERVER a C Set a trial driver for servers.


Returns an array of available datasources as configured by the ODBC administration tool found in the Control Panel.


Returns an array of installed ODBC drivers. ODBC drivers are installed by products supporting ODBC or by explicit ODBC driver vendors.


Obtain information missing in the connection string required to establish a connection to the server / data source set by ODBCDBE_SET_TRIAL_SERVER.


This is a feature to iteratively gather all information required to use a driver. To start, pass a driver or data source name. To stop, pass no parameter or NIL.

Constants for DbeInfo(COMPONENT_DICTIONARY) with the ODBCDBE
Constant *) Type Description
ODBCDBE_PROMPT_MODE a N When to display ODBC dialog boxes.
ODBCDBE_USE_CURSOR_LIB a L Use ODBC cursor library to try to emulate better navigation if not directly supported by ODBC driver.
ODBCDBE_WIN_HANDLE a N Parent window handle used when prompting.


If the connection string does not provide the complete login information, the ODBC driver can popup a login dialog. This configuration tells the driver manager/ the driver how to react.

Values for the prompt mode
Constant Description
ODBC_PROMPT_COMPLETE Driver tries to complete info, prompt if necessary.
ODBC_PROMPT_NEVER Never show a dialog box.


Some ODBC drivers don't support the scrollable cursor type but it can be tried to emulate with the help of the ODBC driver manager's cursor library.


If the connection string does not provide the complete login information, the ODBC driver can popup a login dialog. The ODBCDBE_WIN_HANDLE will be used as the parent of this dialog.


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