Member variable XbpRadioButton():caption Foundation

The caption of the radiobutton.

Attribute: EXPORTED
Data type: Character string ("")

The caption is the part of the radiobutton displaying text. Only the caption (and not the button area) can be altered. The caption text must be assigned as a character string before the method :create() is called.

When displayed, the text of the caption is shown in the foreground color and the caption background in the background color of the radiobutton. For just the text to be visible, the background color must have the same value as the background color of the parent. The default values can be set in the system configuration. To change only the background color to differ from the default value, a color constant can be assigned to the instance variable :colorBG. If the parent is the drawing area of a dialog window (XbpDialog:drawingArea) the background color can be set for all children using the method XbpDialog:drawingArea:setColorBG().


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