Event XbpRadioButton():selected Foundation

Radiobutton has been selected.

:selected := {| lCheck, uNIL, self | ... }
:selected ( <lCheck> ) --> self
xbeP_Selected (1048912)
<lCheck> is the current value in the edit buffer of a radiobutton. This is the value stored when the callback method is executed.

This method returns the object executing the method (self).


The xbeP_Selected event is generated when the radiobutton changes its state from "not selected" to "selected". This occurs when the user clicks the radiobutton with the left mouse button, or using the space bar if the XbpRadioButton object has input focus. The value is changed in the edit buffer when this event occurs.

Within the callback code block or the callback method, the current value in the edit buffer is usually retrieved using the method :getData(). If a data code block is contained in the instance variable :dataLink, it is executed.


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