Member variable XbpPushButton():drawMode Foundation

Specifies the drawing mode of the pushbutton object.

Attribute: EXPORTED
Data type: Numeric (XBP_DRAW_NORMAL)

The :drawMode instance variable specifies the mode used to display the pushbutton on the screen. In the default draw mode (XBP_DRAW_NORMAL), the operating system takes full control over the drawing process. In this mode, an XbpPushbutton object is displayed using default imagery and the object's appearance cannot be controlled by the application. However, this default behavior can be overridden. If the value XBP_DRAW_OWNER or XBP_DRAW_OWNERADVANCED is assigned to the :drawMode instance variable, no drawing is performed by the operating system. Instead, the Xbase++ runtime system uses xbeP_Draw events to notify the application whenever the push button needs to be redrawn. The application is responsible for processing this event, and for creating the pushbutton's on-screen visualization. For this, the Graphics Engine commands can be used.

This protocol is called owner-drawing because it is the responsibility of the push button's owner to display the button. Using owner-drawing, an application can customize the visualization and the behavior of a XbpPushbutton object.

Possible values for instance variable :drawMode
Value Effect
XBP_DRAW_NORMAL *) Pushbutton is drawn by the system
XBP_DRAW_OWNER Pushbutton is entirely drawn by the application
XBP_DRAW_OWNERADVANCED Parts of the pushbutton may be drawn by the application
  1. Default value

The drawing mode must be assigned to :drawMode before the method :create() is executed.


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