Member variable XbpPushButton():cancel Foundation

Specifies the XbpPushbutton to be the cancel button of the form.

Attribute: EXPORTED
Data type: Logical (.F.)

The instance variable :cancel determines whether the XbpPushbutton object is the default control defined for cancelling a modal form. A modal form is an XbpDialog or XbpCrt object displayed using method XbpCrt:showModal() or XbpDialog:showModal(), respectively. The cancel control of a form represents the default action defined for cancelling the form. Selecting it usually cancels the current operation. Cancel pushbuttons usually have caption strings such as "Cancel" assigned to their :caption instance variable.

If the logical value .T. (TRUE) is assigned to the :cancel instance variable of an XbpPushbutton object, the code block contained in the :activate callback slot is executed automatically by method :showModal() whenever the user presses the ESC key.


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