Member variable XbpPresSpace():mode Foundation

Adjusts precision of graphic output

Attribute: EXPORTED
Data type: Numeric (XBPPS_MODE_NORMAL)

The instance variable is used to adjust the output precision of Gra..() functions. This can be necessary for scaled graphic output caused by a changed viewport or a transformation matrix, for example. With normal precision it is possible that scaled output does not appear at the exact position and/or size in the device context. If this is the case, the drawing precision must be raised to a higher level.

#define constants listed in GRA.CH must be used for this instance variable.

Constants for :mode
Constant Description
XBPPS_MODE_NORMAL *) Normal precision
  1. default

Normal precision is usually sufficient for graphic output. If high precision is selected, the higher quality may be achieved at the expense of speed.


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