Method XbpPresSpace():setFont() Foundation

Sets or returns the font used to display characters drawn with GraStringAt().

:setFont( [<oXbpFont>] ) --> oXbpCurrentFont
<oXbpFont> is a font object that determines the font for all characters drawn using GraStringAt(). A font object is provided by the XbpFont class (see XbpFont() for more information).

The :setFont() method returns the current font object. When a new font is set, this method returns the previously set font object.


The :setFont() method determines the font used for the graphic output of characters or character strings in the presentation space. The font is provided by an XbpFont object (see XbpFont()). The :setFont() method installs an XbpFont object which is used by the function GraStringAt() to display characters.

The functional equivalent of the method :setFont() is the function GraSetFont(). Further information is found in the discussion of the GraSetFont() function.


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