Method XbpPresSpace():drawMode() Foundation

Sets the drawing mode for graphic segments.

:drawMode( [<nDrawMode>] ) --> nOldDrawMode
The optional parameter <nDrawMode> must be one of the #define constants listed in the following table:
Drawing modes for graphic segments
Constant Description
GRA_DM_DRAW Segments draw the graphic primitives
GRA_DM_RETAIN Segments store the graphic primitives
GRA_DM_DRAWANDRETAIN *) Segments draw and store the primitives
  1. Default value

The :drawMode() method returns the current drawing mode for graphic segments as a numeric value. When a new mode is specified, the return value identifies the previously set mode.


The :drawMode() method sets the drawing mode for graphic segments that are created in the presentation space. A functional version of this method also exists: the function GraSegDrawMode(). A detailed description of drawing modes is found in the discussion of this function.


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