Member variable XbpIWindow():bitmap Foundation

Resource ID or XbpBitmap object for a background bitmap

Attribute: EXPORTED
Data type: Numeric | XbpBitmap Object (0)

A numeric resource ID of a BITMAP resource can be assigned to the :bitmap instance variable. Alternatively, an object of the XbpBitmap class can be specified, which allows to load images in a variety of image file formats. The bitmap is displayed repeatedly until the implicit window is completely filled. This way, XbpDialog:drawingArea can be filled with a background bitmap. See the instance variable :options to learn more about the options available for displaying images in XbpIWindow objects.

If Xbase Parts with a caption are displayed in an XbpIWindow (XbpDialog:drawingArea), the background color of the implicit window can be set to XBPSYSCLR_TRANSPARENT. This way, all child objects automatically inherit the transparent background color setting and the backgrounds of their captions do not overpaint the background bitmap. The methods :setColorBG() and/or :setPresParam() may be used to explicitly request a transparent background for a specific child window. Also see section Generic presentation parameters for further reference.


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