Method XbpPresSpace():lastError() Foundation

Returns the error code of the last graphic function called.

:lastError() --> nErrorCode

The return value of :lastError() is a numeric value. It indicates the error code of the last graphic function executed in the presentation space. When the return value is equal to zero, the graphic function executed without error. A value not equal to zero indicates that there was an output error. Constants for error codes are defined in the #include file GRAERROR.CH.


The :lastError() method determines whether a graphic function executed correctly. If the method returns a value other than zero, the graphic function did not execute correctly. The reason for the failure could be hardware related or could be due to the inability of the graphic driver to support the graphic function.

The functional equivalent of the :lastError(): method is the function GraError(). More information about graphic errors are found in the discussion of this function.


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