Method XbpIcon():draw() Foundation

Displays an icon.

:draw( [<oTargetPS>]  , ;
       <aTargetRect>  , ;
       [<nState>] )  --> lSuccess
The optional argument <oTargetPS> specifies a presentation space where the icon is output. If <oTargetPS> equals NIL, the icon is output in the current window. If the current window is an XbpCrt window, the default value for <oTargetPS> is the return value of SetAppWindow():presSpace(). In all other cases, <oTargetPS> is not optional. A presentation space is either created (XbpPresSpace():new()) or the MicroPS of an Xbase Part is requested using the method :lockPS().
<aTargetRect> := { <nX1>, <nY1> [,<nX2>, <nY2>] }
<aTargetRect> identifies the rectangular area in the presentation space <oTargetPS> where the icon is displayed. <nX1> and <nY1> specify the point for the lower left corner. <nX2> and <nY2> specify the upper right corner of the area. The coordinates <nX2> and <nY2> are optional. If they are not included, the icon is displayed with the dimensions specified in members :xSize and :ySize.
The optional parameter <nState> specifies the state the icon should be rendered in. Possible values for <nState> are listed in the table below. Also see instance variable XbpWindow:ControlState.
Possible values for parameter <nState>
Constant Description
XBP_STATE_NORMAL *) Normal state; icon is drawn as saved on disk
XBP_STATE_DISABLED Icon is drawn shaded to indicate disabled state
  1. Default value

This method returns .T. (true) when the icon could be displayed, otherwise it returns .F. (false).


The :draw() method displays the an icon image in the specified presentation space. The area the image is displayed in can be set using the parameter <aTargetRect>. If the size of the area specified differs from the icon dimensions in members :xSize and :ySize, the icon is scaled.

Most icons use an internal mask to define transparent areas within the image. Method :draw() uses this information so that those areas are replaced with information from the underlying background.

Printing icons, using in segments: Printing icons is not supported under Windows. The same is true for rendering icons into graphical segments. If the presentation space in parameter <oTargetPS> is associated with an XbpPrinter object, or if a graphical segment is opened using function GraSegOpen(), method :draw() may produce undesired effects. Transparent areas in the icon may appear black, for example. A work-around for these limitation is suggested in the example below.

Example - 1

// Example for printing an icon

 #include "GRA.CH" 
 #include "XBP.CH" 

 // Change this to reference an .ICO file 
 #define ICONFILE  "c:\program files\alaska\xppw32\resource\icon\xppfd.ico" 


  LOCAL oIco 
  LOCAL oPrt 

    // Load an icon from disk 
    oIco := XbpIcon():New():Create() 
    oIco:LoadFile( ICONFILE ) 

    // Create a presentation space and 
    // associate it with the default 
    //  printer 
    oPrt := XbpPrinter():New():Create() 
    oPS  := XbpPresSpace():New():Create( oPrt ) 

    // Start a print job and send some 
    // graphics to the printer, including 
    // an icon 

    GraSetColor( oPS, GRA_CLR_PALEGRAY ) 
    GraBox( oPS, {500,500}, {1700,1000}, GRA_FILL ) 

    PrintIcon( oPS, {600,600,900,900}, oIco ) 

    GraSetColor( oPS, GRA_CLR_BLACK ) 
    GraSetFont( oPS, XbpFont():New():Create("36.Arial Black") ) 
    GraStringAt( oPS, {1100,700}, "Test output on printer" ) 


    WAIT "Printing done, please press a key." 


 // Print an icon to the presentation space 
 // in "oPS", which is assumed to be associated 
 // with a printer object. To do this, the 
 // icon is transferred to a bitmap object, 
 // which is device-independent. Transparent 
 // areas in the icon are replaced with the 
 // color set for area fills currently set 
 // for the presentation space, see function 
 // GraSetAttrArea(). 
 PROCEDURE PrintIcon( oPS, aRect, oIco ) 

  LOCAL oBmpTmp 
  LOCAL aAttrs 
    IF Len(aRect) == 2 
       ASize( aRect, 4 ) 
       aRect[3] := aRect[1] + oIco:XSize -1 
       aRect[4] := aRect[2] + oIco:XSize -1 

    // Create a presentation space associated 
    // with a temporary bitmap and transfer 
    // the icon into the PS. First clear the 
    // background using the color set for 
    // area fills. 
    oBmpTmp := XbpBitmap():New():Create( oPS ) 
    oPSTmp  := XbpPresSpace():New():Create() 
    oBmpTmp:PresSpace( oPSTmp ) 
    oBmpTmp:Make( oIco:XSize, oIco:YSize ) 

    aAttrs := GraSetAttrArea( oPS ) 
    GraSetColor( oPSTmp, aAttrs[GRA_AA_COLOR] ) 
    GraBox( oPSTmp, {0,0}, {oIco:XSize-1,oIco:YSize-1}, GRA_FILL ) 

    oIco:Draw( oPSTmp, {0,0} )  

    // Transfer the temporary bitmap to the 
    // printer 
    oBmpTmp:Draw( oPS, aRect,,, GRA_BLT_BBO_IGNORE ) 



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