Method WebSocketClient():handleMessage() Professional

Process the next message sent from the server

:handleMessage( [<lBlocking>] ) --> lHandled
The optional parameter lBlocking is a logical value that specifies if the method will block until a message was successfully processed. If the method :handleMessage() shall return immediately irrespective whether a message was handled or not then the parameter lBlocking must be false (.F.). By default the parameter lBlocking is true (.T.).

The method returns .T. (true) when a message was received from the server, otherwise .F. (false) is returned.


The method :handleMessage() handles a message that arrived from a connected websocket server. In case there is a message pending then :handleMessage executes :onText() or :onBinary() and returns true (.T.). If the client is no longer connected with the websocket server then false (.F.) is returned.

If .F. is passed with the parameter <lBlocking> then the method returns immediately irrespective whether a message was handled or not.

Typically this method is called within the event loop of the application from a dedicated thread responsible for message processing.


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