Method Thread():execute() Foundation

Reserved method for use by subclasses of the Thread class.

:execute( [<xParamList,...>] )
<xParamList> is a comma-separated list of any expressions which are passed to the method :execute().

This method does not have a return value in the usual sense because it runs asynchronously. The RETURN value of :execute() is assigned to the instance variable :result where it can be retrieved from when the thread has ended.


The method :execute() can only be executed by subclasses of the class Thread since it has the PROTECTED visibility attribute. By subclassing, the thread class can be designed to accommodate specific needs of the programmer. When the method :start() is called without the first parameter, all subsequent parameters are passed to the method :execute() and appear in <xParamList>. The program code of this method is then executed in the separate thread which is maintained by the Thread object.


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