Method HttpMessagePart() :getPart() Foundation

Gets a part added to a message.

:getPart( <cName>|<nOrdinal> ) --> oHttpMessagePart | NIL
The character string <cName> is the name of the part to be returned.
The numeric value <nOrdinal> is the ordinal of the part that is to be returned.

:getPart() returns an HttpMessagePart object. If a part with a corresponding name or ordinal does not exist, the method returns the value NIL.


The method :getPart() gets a part which was added to a message. The <cName> parameter specifies the name of the part to retrieve. This corresponds to the name attribute of the "Content-Disposition" HTTP header. Alternatively, the ordinal number of the part in the message's internal part list can be specified using the <nOrdinal> parameter.

For accessing a part via its ordinal, the number of parts currently defined in a message can be determined with the method :getPartCount().


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