Method HttpEndpoint():setCertificateFromFile() Professional

Binds a server certificate from a file for SSL connections.

:setCertificateFromFile( <cFilename>[, cPassword] ) --> lSuccess
<cFilename> is a character string containing the name of the certificate file to be loaded
<cPassword> is the password required to decrypt the certificate file.

The logical value true (.T.), if a server certificate is successfully loaded. Otherwise, the value false (.F.) is returned and the error code can be retrieved with FError() .


The certificate file cFilename must be in PKCS #12 format (Personal Information Exchange Syntax v1.1) and usually has the file extension .pfx or .p12. A runtime error occurs if the format is not valid.

The method :setCertificateFromFile() binds a server certificate to this HttpEndPoint instance and allows clients to connect via SSL.

If the certificate was created without a password, the parameter <cPassword> can be ignored. Otherwise, the password that was used to protect the certificate file must be passed in the parameter <cPassword>.


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