Method HttpClient():wait() Foundation

Waits for completion of an asynschronous request.

:wait( [nTimeOut] ) --> lCompleted
The optional numeric parameter <nTimeOut> specifies a timeout value in 1/100th of a second. :wait() returns if the request is not completed within this timeout interval. The default timeout value is 0, which causes the method to wait forever for the request to complete.

:wait() returns the logical value true (.T.) if the request completes successfully within the specified timeout interval. Otherwise, the value false (.F.) is returned.


The method :wait() pauses the current thread until an asynchronous request initiated via the :sendAsync() method completes, or until a specified timeout period expires, whichever comes first. Once :wait() returns true (.T.), the status of the operation is reflected in the HTTP status code returned by :getStatusCode(). If the request was handled successfully, the response sent by the server is accessible via the HTTP response object stored in the :HttpResponse member variable.


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