Method FrameSet():newFrame() Professional

Create a new frame.

:newFrame( <cName>       , ;
           [<cOptions>]  , ;
           <cHttpFile> ) --> oFrame
The parameter <cName> becomes the value of the name attribute.
The optional parameter <cOptions> is a character string that is inserted into the HTML <frame> tag.
The parameter <cHttpFile> becomes the value of the src attribute.

The method returns an object of class Frame.


The method creates a Frame object and adds it to the internal frames stack. The Frame object must be used to define the HTML code for the frame using the HTML output methods of the HTML3 class.

Since the HTML code of a frame resides in a separate HTML file, the parameter <cHttpFile> must be specified as a file name valid for the HTTP server. If the file name includes a path, it must be relative to the document root directory of the HTTP server.

HTML output:

   <frame name="cName" 


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