Method SecureKey():new() Professional

Creates an instance of the SecureKey class.

SecureKey():new([<cKey>]) --> oSecureKey
This optional paramter is interpreted as a binary coded key.

The class method :new() returns an instance of the SecureKey() class.


The class method :new() creates an instance of the class SecureKey(). If the optional paramter <cKey> is passed, the instance carries a key value. The instance can be assigned a key value any time later. The key value can be transformed from binary to hexadecimal (printable) and vice versa.

Instances of this class are used by classes like AesCrypt(), CryptFile() or CryptTable().

The key value is held unscrambled. Most of the time, the key value is required only for a short period of time, such as during the call to AesCrypt():new(<oKey>). Under normal conditions, no Xbase++ program would be able to read values of variables without knowing the variable itself, but for security reasons, the key value should be destroyed as soon as possible by calling :destroy().


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