Method FTPClient():new() Professional

Creates an instance of the FTPClient class.

:new( <cFtpServer> , ;
      <cUsername>  , ;
      <cPassword>  , ;
      [<cProxyUrl>] , ;
      [<nPort>]]        ) --> oFTPClient
The parameter is a character string containing the DNS name or the IP address of the FTP server to communicate with. Additionally a port may be added seperated by a colon. For example:     DNS name 
199.288.377.466:21             IP address in dotted octet notation 
A character string holding a user name known by the FTP server must be passed as second parameter. The string is case insensitive.
The password of the user must be passed as character string. This string is case sensitive.
When the FTP server is only accesible via a proxy server, the name or IP address of the proxy server can be specified as a character string.
This parameter specifies the port to which the FTPClient tries to connect to. The parameter nPort is overwriting the port number passed with the parameter cFTPServer

The method returns an instance of the FTPClient class.


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