Programming Guide:xppguide

Object-Oriented Programming Foundation

This chapter describes the fundamentals of object-oriented programming (OOP) from three different perspectives. The first chapter introduces general terms and concepts, providing the reader with basic knowledge on the subject. The second chapter focuses onto the features and capabilities of the Xbase++ object-oriented programming model. The third chapter outlines basic design considerations and provides guidelines for which feature of the object-oriented programming model is to be used under what circumstances.

These chapters are intended not only for beginners, but also are a recommended read for developers coming from other languages.


General description of an object

Definition of terms

Working with objects and classes

Declaration of a class

Creation of objects

Programming methods

Access to member variables and methods

The concept of SELF

Initialization of objects - the method init()

Inheritance and Override

The concept of SUPER

Dynamic classes

Dynamic objects (DataObjects)



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