Member variable XbpStatusBar():sizeGrip Foundation

Specifies whether the XbpStatusBar displays a size grip.

Attribute: EXPORTED
Data type: Logical (.T.)

:sizeGrip contains a logical value that specifies whether a size grip image is displayed by the status bar object. If the value .T. (TRUE) is assigned, a size grip is displayed in the object's bottom-right corner. The grip can be selected by the user to change the size of the parent dialog with the mouse. The size grip image also gives a visual reference that the size of the dialog containing the status bar object can be changed.

The default value assigned to :sizeGrip depends on the parent dialog of the XbpStatusBar object. If the dialog is sizeable, :sizeGrip contains the value .T. after the method :create() of the status bar object is called. If the parent dialog cannot be resized, :create() assigns .F. (FALSE) to :sizeGrip.

A dialog is sizeable if the constant XBPDLG_SIZEBORDER or XBPDLG_RAISEDBORDERTHICK is assigned to the dialog's :border instance variable.


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