Member variable XbpStatic():clipSiblings Foundation

Determines whether siblings are clipped during graphic output.

Attribute: EXPORTED
Data type: Logical (.F.)

The instance variable :clipSiblings contains a logical value that determines whether screen output by the functions of the GRA engine can occur in the areas of the Xbase Parts that have the same parent as the XbpStatic object. When two Xbase Parts have the same parent, they are considered siblings.

The default value is .F. (false). This means that when coordinates are specified for the output of the Gra..() functions that go beyond the area of the XbpStatic object (child), they can appear in the area of siblings if they overlap. When the value equals .T. (true), the output of Gra..() functions does not paint over the static object's sibling Xbase Parts.


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